Broach It!

A workshop exploring communication and secrets.

Suitable as a standalone workshop or as a follow up to a performance of Tanya Pillay’s relational storytelling piece All of Him.

Workshop Goals:

  • Explore the obstacles to direct, honest communication
  • Weigh the importance of being able to express one’s yearnings, curiosities and concerns
  • Encourage participants to acknowledge the difficulties in their lives and exploring the possibility of overcoming such difficulties
  • Inspire participants to aim for more honesty with themselves

Length: 1 hour (adaptable to suit group; multiple hour workshops also available upon request to include more activities)

Workshop Size: less than 10-15 participants (1 facilitator)

16-30+ participants (2 facilitators)

Age Range: youths aged 8-17 and adults

Workshop Outline

Introduction / 5 minutes

  • Getting to know you

Warm-Up / 5 minutes

A quick “game” to start connecting with each other and ourselves

Sharing without Divulging / 5 minutes

  • (answers through raised hands)
  • body scan
  • gesture

Analysis / 10 minutes

  • Share thoughts & observations about emotion benefit or payoffs
  • Guided visualization

Reflection & Discussion / 20 minutes

  • Written release
  • Observations
  • Comparison
  • Discussion: benefit or purpose of silence? Cost of silence?

Focused Communication / 10 minutes

  • Yes! Communication exercise

Conclusion / 5 minutes

  • Closing meditation
  • Questions
  • Conclusion

Contact either facilitators to ask questions or to schedule a workshop at your site or ours –

Tanya Pillay: 647-299-2879

Jajube Mandiela: